With a wide range of suppliers and  the largest team of agronomists in Australia, we’re a leading provider of crop fertiliser products and associated professional services.

Our Fertiliser Range

We supply over 1.2 million tonnes of fertiliser annually to our 100,000 strong customer base of farmers and growers. We offer only the highest quality products from a wide variety of trusted brands like Incitec Pivot Limited and Impact Fertilisers.

Our range covers the solid and liquid fertiliser needs of growers engaged in:

  • winter cropping
  • summer cropping
  • cotton
  • horticulture
  • viticulture
  • intensive and extensive pasture markets


Our team of professional agronomists can also offer you a range of associated professional crop services such as testing and interpreting your farm’s soil and plant tissue.


At Landmark, our reputation is bound to the quality of the products we sell, and the FertiMAX® range of fertiliser products are no exception. FertiMAX® is ideal for fertigation and covers a wide range of different treatments for a huge range of crop types. FertiMAX® products are subject to exhaustive and ongoing testing and development, and are sold exclusively by Landmark.

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Environmentally Smart Nitrogen


Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN) is the most advanced crop fertility product in decades. Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient that plants need to survive, and by maximising the efficiency of nitrogen use, ESN can maximise your crop yield and quality in a way that is also environmentally friendly. This approach has huge financial benefits for farmers in high rainfall zones or irrigation areas and will help your crops reach their full potential in a more sustainable way.

For more information refer to the Environmentally Smart Nitrogen document below.


Our Fertiliser Suppliers