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Fibre Direct and Eco/Organic Wool

The Fibre Direct System


Supply Arrangements

Research shows that there is more deviation in Micron in a staple of wool than in all the wool shorn from a  Mob of sheep which are from the same genetic background, the same age and have run together since the last shearing. Supply Arrangement lots are given a unique number for each Mob. This number is branded on the top of the bale only along with description and bale number.

The Supply Arrangement System requires that all sheep are crutched within 12 weeks of shearing. CSIRO research shows that  fresh stain (within 12 weeks of shearing) will scour out and leave no detectable coloured fibres.

Shearing & Clip Preparation
A registered classer or shed overseer should be present during shearing. Fleeces do not need skirting,  fleece and pieces can be pressed together. However board locks,Bellies and cast fleeces must be pressed separately.

Once in store, all lots are tested and a price is offered -prices are sourced directly from overseas Mills.

Alternatively a forward price can be offered and settled once test results are known against the latest AWEX Premium/Discount report.


Environmentally Sustainable Wool

Landmark is proactive in recognising environmentally sustainable practices, To satisfy this demand Landmark offers participating growers channels to market.

The two labels are quite different. Eco Wool refers to the chemical residue status of the wool after testing, while organic certification refers to the organic accreditation of the farm where the wool is grown.

Eco Wool

Landmark has an exclusive supply arrangement with an Australian fabric manufacturer that meets the highest eco standards for textiles: the EU ECO label.


To be eligible for Eco Wool, clips must be prepared according to the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) clip preparation Code of Practice.


Clients wishing to participate can nominate wools to be tested for low chemical residues by marking the classer’s specification “ECO WOOL”. Those accredited are eligible for Eco Wool pricing. If wool lots test outside the Eco Wool specifications they are sold under standard auction arrangements.

Organic Wool
For accredited organic wool growers, Landmark can arrange on-the-spot prices and forward contracts for both AWEX Code of Practice and Direct to Mill (unskirted) prepared clips.


To market organic wool Landmark requires proof of organic certification to meet market specifications and maximise grower returns. 


For more information on Landmark's Fibre Direct and Eco/Organic Wool please contact Landmark Wool on 1800 629 396.

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