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WOOL | 24 September 2010

Victorian is Wool Producer of the Year

Woolgrower Michael Blake from Hamilton in Victoria was announced Wool Producer of the Year at the inaugural Australian Farmer of the Year awards in Sydney on 21 September.

Landmark is the sponsor of the wool producer award, with the overall program sponsored by Kondinin Group and ABC Rural.

Richard Norton, Landmark’s general manager of agency operations, presented the award to Michael Blake and afterward emphasised that Landmark had become involved with the awards as part of its commitment to industry best practice.

“Michael Blake, and indeed his fellow finalist, Robert Kelly, from Guyra, in New South Wales, were said by the judging panel to have stood out due to their ‘completeness’ as candidates,” Mr Norton said.

“Their strong commercial focus on successful farming, their efforts to personally address today’s issues on sustainability and environmental management, and their commitment to the wellbeing and advancement of the industry were all important factors.

“This is what our industry needs: committed farmers who are productive, effective and sustainable in their own operations, yet prepared to go further to help others, particularly young people, so our industry can progress and compete strongly against the world of alternative fibres.

“On behalf of Landmark I would congratulate Michael Blake on his award this year and thank all those who entered the competition.”

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