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Meet the Team



John Settree - Stud Stock NSW

John grew up in the Southern Highlands on a sheep and stud Hereford cattle property at Taralga. After attending Ag College and working on several properties throughout the Riverina and finishing his professional woolclassing certificate he landed a job as a wool and skin buyer based at Wagga Wagga through the early nineties.


John then commenced his agency career with Wesfarmers Dalgety in Goulburn in 1996 where he started as a “stockie”. His knowledge of stock and markets took him across much of Sthn NSW buying & selling at major calf sales and such at Goulburn, Crookwell, Braidwood and into the Monaro. He became livestock manager and also managed a branch there and had a “quick play” in the real estate game.

In 2007 John moved with his young family to Dubbo and into the stud stock side of Landmark’s business. He says he has clients now across 4 states and organises, oversees and auctions at many of Landmarks major National sales events such as the Poll Hereford, Shorthorn, Merino and Dorper Nationals that are hosted at Dubbo and throughout central NSW.

m. 0408 297 368     e. john.settree@landmark.com.au



 John Settree

Brad Wilson - Stud Stock, Merino Specialist, Dubbo

Brad commenced his role as Stud Stock Merino Specialist based at Dubbo in 2013.
He grew up on a property in the Mudgee region and has had an affiliation with livestock including Merino’s for most of his life, which led to managing properties including a Merino property for Italian wool mill Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Brad brings extensive livestock photography, video and marketing experience to the Stud Stock team gained from his former employment as The Land Newspaper’s Stud stock representative.

During his time as a Stud Stock Merino specialist Brad has managed and been involved in some of the country’s largest seed stock auctions.

m. 0417 467 911     e. bradley.wilson@landmark.com.au

 Brad Wilson

Colby Ede – Stud Stock Account Manager

Colby has worked for Landmark for the past 11years with Livestock positions held at Roma, Mackay & currently based in Rockhampton as the Stud Stock Account Manager & Auctioneer servicing the North Queensland region.

Colby is also a licence Real Estate Agent, Stock & Station Agent in NSW & QLD & NT. During his time as a Stud Stock Account Manager he has been involved & managed some of the larger seed stock auction sales held in Queensland.

m. 0417 265 980     e. colby.ede@landmark.com.au


 Colby Ede

Trent McKinlay - Stud Stock Rockhampton

Trent has been employed by Landmark for just over 10 years, starting in Rockhampton in Merchandise & Livestock sales then promoted to Emerald as Livestock Account Manager then onto Injune and Blackall as a Branch Manager.

Achievements include winning the 2009 Queensland Young Auctioneers Competition which made Trent eligible for the National finals in Sydney. Having received advanced training from some of the company's most senior and recognised staff, Trent has also gathered an extensive list of contacts throughout Queensland. Passionate about quality livestock, Trent was pleased to accept the roll as Account Manager Stud Stock based in Rockhampton.

m. 0429 004 737     e. trent.mckinlay@landmark.com.au


 Trent McKinlay

Mark Scholes - Stud Stock Rockhampton

Currently based out of Rockhampton I have been with Landmark for 13 years commencing in May 2000.

Starting at Gympie as a trainee. I then transfered to Longreach, Roma and Dalby in a Senior Livestock Sales role and then in January 2006 transferred to Toowoomba and into the Landmark Stud Stock team.

Highlights include winning the 2002 Queensland Young Auctioneer and then winning the 2003 National Young Auctioneers Competition.

m. 0409 229 651     e.mark.scholes@landmark.com.au

 Mark Scholes

Ray Attwell - Stud Stock Manager South East Region

Having over 50 years in the industry commencing in Livestock administration, then joining the stud stock activity of the company where over the years have been involved in on property Dairy, Pig , Beef, Sheep, Alpaca , Deer , Ostrich & Horse Sales. During this time I also had an Export role as well as State Livestock Manager.

m. 0428 836 136     e. raymond.attwell@landmark.com.au


 Ray Attwell

Gordon Wood - Account Manager Stud Stock

I have been involved in the Meat & Livestock industry since 1989 when I embarked upon an apprenticeship in Butchery gaining certificate of competency in 1993. I joined the Landmark team in 2002 with a position combining merchandise and animal health this led to a role in the livestock agency business, which in turn saw a migration into my current role as Stud Stock Officer.

I am now Auctioneering at approximately 80 Stud Sales per year as well as helping organise, conduct and facilitate upwards of 150 Stud Auction Sales across South Australia each year.

m. 0408 813 215     e. gordon.wood@landmark.com.au


 Gordon Wood

Peter Godbolt - Account Manager Stud Stock

Peter grow up in the seedstock industry on a Hereford stud at Lancefield, Victoria.
Peter commenced his agency career as a stockie in 2005 based at Dubbo, Gunnedah and then branch manager at Binnaway.

In 2010 Peter began with Landmark as a Stud Stock Account Manager and Auctioneer for the Victorian/Riverina area based at Albury.

m. 0457 591 929     e. peter.godbolt@landmark.com.au


 Peter Godbot

Andrew Sloan – Account Manager Stud Stock

I enjoyed a few years working on cattle and sheep Studs in the US in my twenties ,before I came back to Australia and joined Dalgety Stud Stock, where I was based in Melbourne before spending time in various locations including Shepparton, Geelong and then Naracoorte in South Australia where I looked after the South East for a further four years before returning to Melbourne in the late 1980’s until the present time.

Over the 40 year journey I have been involved in all the traditional stud stock activities, as well as looking for new opportunities in other breeds including Alpaca, Ostrich, Greyhound, Quarter horses, Stock horses, Deer and Angora and Boer goats.

m. 0428 522 204     e. andrew.sloan@landmark.com.au

 Andrew Sloan





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