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With access to the largest livestock buying and selling network in Australia, Landmark’s livestock staff have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your business, whether its stud stock and genetics to improve herd performance, greater marketing opportunities through our Live Export operation Landmark Global Exports or utilisation of our animal health and nutrition experts to ensure greater efficiency in finishing your cattle, we have a range of products and services to suit your needs.

Selling & Marketing Options

You can choose from a range of livestock marketing options to help you reach more buyers and achieve the highest possible prices for your cattle. Whether it’s at Auction, a Private sale or online through AuctionsPlus Landmark can arrange sales from down the road to around the world.

Financing - Landmark Deferred Terms

Landmark is now offering up to 12 months deferred terms to those customers who are interested in boosting their livestock cash-flow. Unlike similar offerings, we can provide deferred terms for up to 60% of the value of the livestock that you are prepared to offer as security, representing a 10% increase over and above the industry norm. Importantly, this will provide you with greater purchasing capacity without the need to use other valuable security. Read more on Landmark Deferred Terms >


Feedlot Systems - Gives producers the chance to boost the value of their stock

Landmark has strong relationships with numerous AUS-MEAT accredited feedlots throughout Australia. By using Feedlot Systems, producers can add value to their livestock while reducing risk. If producers want to sell feeder stock to feedlots on a liveweight basis, or retain equity and sell the finished product, Landmark has the expertise to advise on all feedlot options. We have also developed professional software to evaluate the potential profit or loss before stock start feeding, again minimising producer risk with the aim of adding value to your business.


Divisional Livestock Managers


Leon Giglia
Livestock Manager WA
Mobile: 0407 931 036


John Settree

Divisional Livestock Sales Coordinator - Central NSW
Mobile: 0408 297 368

Colby Ede

Divisional Livestock Sales Coordinator - Southern QLD
Mobile: 0417 265 980

Tony Bowen

Divisional Livestock Sales Coordinator - Northern QLD
Mobile: 0428 261 371


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