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LANDMARK | 16 April 2012

Landmark supports young farmers in historic partnership

Leading agribusiness company Landmark is embarking on its single biggest corporate partnership
through a major investment in the national, not-for-profit organisation, Future Farmers Network


The partnership will assist the FFN, Australia’s only national network for young people in rural
industries, in providing its members with career mapping opportunities, travel bursaries and in
conducting industry networking events.


Landmark Managing Director Richard Norton said building the networks and capabilities of young
farmers was essential to the future of Australian agriculture. “Young people are the future of
agriculture, at every level, whether they choose to operate farms, work in service businesses, work
in research or whatever path they take,” Mr Norton said.


“Young people also have the greatest interest in sustainable farming and lifting productivity across
the industry, because they will get the greatest benefit from making progress in these areas.”


He said partnering with FFN, whose mission is to prepare young people in rural industries for future
challenges, fits with Landmark’s own priorities and commitment to rural areas. “Landmark seeks to
provide young people with opportunities to participate in personal and professional skills
development in agriculture. We also understand rural life, because the vast majority of people at
Landmark live and work in rural Australia.


“The opportunity to support and contribute to developing the next rural generation must be a core
focus, so by partnering with FFN, Landmark links with a group of energetic and committed people
who will be instrumental in the future of our industry,” Mr Norton said.


FFN Chair Georgie Aley said: “FFN has been in operation since 2002 and 2012 sees us celebrating
our 10-year anniversary, which coincides with the announcement of our corporate partnership with


“We see the future of agriculture as an integrated industry which supports and understands not only
issues impacting on farm, but issues impacting triple bottom line outcomes across the broader
agricultural supply chain.


“The acknowledgment by Landmark of the contribution FFN makes to supporting rural youth is very
inspiring. FFN has the capacity to inform, educate, engage and connect agriculture’s future and our
Landmark Corporate Partnership will go far to assist us in achieving these objectives,” Ms Aley said.


For more information about the Future Farmers Network, visit the future farmers web site >


Media inquiries:
Landmark: Richard Norton, 0427 613 845, richard.norton@landmark.com.au
Future Farmers Network: Georgie Aley, 0447 680 359, chair@futurefarmers.com.au

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