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WOOL | 27 November 2008

Landmark’s Client Tour of China’s Wool Textile Industry

Landmark recently conducted its first client tour of the Chinese wool textile industry to provide our Australian wool growing clients with an understanding of the current situation, potential, and issues in the Chinese wool textile industry.


The tour was lead by Kym Gunn, Landmark’s National Business and Strategy Manager – Wool and Chris Wilcox, Landmark’s Wool and Livestock Economist.


Twenty-two Landmark wool clients from across Australia participated in the tour, which travelled to Shanghai, Ningbo, Zhangjiagang, and Beijing, visiting and holding meetings with Chinese textile organisations. The tour was spread over nine days and the clients on the tour were exposed to every segment of the Chinese’s wool textile industry.


One of the organisations visited by the group were Jiangsu Sunshine, the world’s largest vertically integrated textile organisation, taking wool from early stage processing right through to spinning, weaving and garment making.  This group employs approximately 18,000 people and uses approximately 140,000 bales of Australian wool a year.


Mr Gunn said the one clear message the client group took away from visiting the Chinese textile organisations was the sheer scale and size of the Chinese textile industry and the investment that has occurred in China over the last 5 - 10 years.


“These investments by the Chinese textile industry are significant long-term commitments, which the Australian wool industry can look at positively,” Mr Gunn said.


Mr Gunn also stated that the tour group continually heard the growing importance of the domestic Chinese retail market for wool. The Chinese domestic market has seen growth rates of 20% for clothing in recent years, and accounts for around 55% of China’s wool processing output.


The Landmark group also visited the AWI/Woolmark office in Shanghai and were given presentations by local AWI/Woolmark senior management with an overview of AWI and Woolmark objectives, strategies and activities in China.


“The group were very encouraged by the growth and consumer education strategies AWI/ Woolmark are now conducting in the Chinese market to increase the demand of Australian wool with the Chinese consumer,” Mr Gunn said.


Mr Gunn declared the tour an outstanding success and a first for Landmark. Landmark would be conducting more similar textile tours in the future if there was demand from clients.

China tour group
Note: Attached is a photo of the tour group


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