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LIVESTOCK | 25 March 2011

Landmark Deferred Terms: your business growth opportunity

Cash flow in farming, like many businesses, can be a challenge. That’s why Landmark has developed its deferred terms offer to provide customers with up to 60% of the value of their livestock to increase purchasing capacity.


Deferred terms means opportunity for business growth – your business.


Witness the performance of Adelaide businessman Stephen Stone's group of companies, which has been dealing with Landmark for more than 20 years.


The operation now runs as Lion Rural, based in the South East of South Australia, the main properties located just on the outskirts of Mount Gambier.


"We were winding down the rural operation when Landmark introduced us to their Stocklease package and then the new Deferred Terms livestock package, so Stephen and I became very interested in becoming heavily involved in the cattle industry again," said Lion Rural General Manager Grant Jackson.


"The access to funds just allowed us to buy with ease - it allowed us to use capital in other areas and it encouraged us to keep expanding.


"It was an easy process to apply for and an easy package to manage.

"Knowing that we have the backing of a national management team, but with the whole account managed by our local Landmark branch staff at Mount Gambier it is very comforting and reassuring to both Stephen and me.


"It strengthened the relationship between us and Landmark and because of that trust and working relationship we also entrust them to supply our merchandise, fertiliser, agronomy and insurance requirements,” Mr Jackson said.


Landmark’s division manager for livestock Wayne Hall said Lion Rural was a great example of how to use deferred terms for business growth.


"The operation went from a 2000 steer turn-off business to 4500 steer operation very quickly, mainly due to the ability for Stephen and Grant to access funds for the purchasing of cattle through the LDT package," he said.


“The “deferred” part of this offer refers to the fact that it last for up to 12 months. All you have to ensure is that the account is cleared to a zero balance at least once every 12 months. Inside that period it can be drawn, paid down and redrawn over and again, as long as it is operated within the agreed terms.


“This account is about livestock, so it can’t be used for things such as general merchandise or animal health products, but it can be directed to livestock purchases billed to Landmark or livestock invoices paid by Landmark as the customer’s agent.


“It offers up to $500,000, or even more for approved customers, so it’s a very serious product when it comes to assisting customers to fund specific purchases of beef cattle and sheep, so I’d encourage any farmer who wants to know more to discuss with their Landmark agent how it could help to grow their business,” Mr Hall said.

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