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LANDMARK | 1 November 2007

Drought Resources Information

AWB/Landmark in the interests of providing assistance and resources to it's customer base has developed the Drought Resources Page to provide assistance and direction to the many sources of information available on drought relief, assistance and other related services available.

Most of this information is being updated at regular intervals and this page aims to provide a succinct map to what is available and current.

This page aims to pull together links to relevant information that may assist AWB/Landmark customers through this extended period of drought which is impacting many parts of Australia.
The resources page is segregated into the following eight (8) sections:

National Resources - relevant across all states and territories within Australia

State Resources - relevant to specific individual states or territories within Australia

National Resources

This National resources page wherever possible a direct link to the relevant information or web pages and to access any of the information you simply need to click on the indicated links that you want to view, pdf downloads of relevant documents are also available directly from this resources page where available.

In addition, contact numbers and web page links have been provided for personal counselling services that can assist with relationship, family, financial and other issues.

Federal Government Farm Help Home Page

Farm Help provides short-term financial assistance to farm families who are experiencing severe financial difficulties meeting living expenses and are unlikely to obtain a loan from a financial institution.

The assistance aims to help farmers while they take action to improve their long-term financial prospects, either by improving the financial performance of their farm enterprise, finding alternative sources of off-farm income or re-establishing outside farming, should they choose to do so.

Dealing with a Dry Season - Booklet (PDF 287 kb)
This helpful booklet, produced by the WA Government (but relevant to all states) includes information on dealing with water-stressed crops, calculating harvest break-even, animal health issues and looking after yourself during difficult times.

Centrelink National Farm Help Website

The Federal Government Farm Help assistance program is administered in all states by Centrelink and the above link will take you to the Farm Help page on the Centrelink website.

To make enquiries by phone, call Centrelink's Farm Assistance Line on FreeCALL™ 1800 050 585

Centrelink Farm Help Fact Sheet

Centrelink Farm Help fact sheet titled ‘Supporting Families Through Change' is a 5 page document
explaining the process involved in applying for Farm Help assistance.

Rural Financial Counsellors Contact Listing

The Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) Programme provides grants to non-profit organisations to provide a free and impartial rural financial counselling service to rural primary producers and small rural businesses in financial difficulty.

These contact listings are available in each state on the internet.
Amongst other services, Rural Financial Counsellors can:

  • help identify financial and business options, including referrals where required
  • help negotiate with lenders
  • give information about government and other assistance schemes

Just look is a comprehensive online national database of low cost or free health and community services offered throughout Australia. ‘Just Look' provides details of thousands of services and service providers around the country ready to assist you.

Lifeline Website

Most Australians will be familiar with Lifeline. Lifeline provides 24-hour telephone counselling service and their telephone counsellors are trained to help people in difficult circumstances including those most dire. To contact Lifeline, call 131114 anytime of the day or night.

Farmers Info

The farmersinfo.com.au website homepage provides direct link to drought updates and also provides an email alert to registered users.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid provides information on conducting First Aid in the event of a mental health crisis. A mental health crisis may occur when a person may feel suicidal, a person may be having anxiety attacks, a person may be in an acute stress reaction or a person may be out of touch with reality in a distressing psychotic state.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue ‘Rural' page takes a step-by-step approach through symptoms identification for depression, how to recognise depression and how to help someone who may have depression; the causes of depression; the treatments available for depression; and, finally how to stay well.

All fact sheets available on the website are also available in paper form by contacting Lifeline's Just Ask on 1300 13 11 14

For more information on depression call the beyondblue info line on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline's Just Ask on 1300 13 11 14.

State Resources

The state resources page includes information on state, industry and community based drought assistance, fact sheets and key state based or local contact points. There are web page links and references, to access any of the information you simply need to click on the indicated links that you want to view, pdf downloads of relevant documents are also available directly from this resources page where available.

In addition, contact numbers and web page links have been provided for personal counselling services that can assist with relationship, family, financial and other issues.

South Australia

SA Drought Link Home Page
Services for communities affected by the current drought can be accessed here. These services include rural financial counselling, technical support and general support.

SA Drought Hotline

Callers can gain information and advice on a range of matters including, access to local rural financial counsellors, maintaining land condition and obtaining mental health support.
To contact the SA Drought Hotline, call 180 2020 (calls are free, except from mobile phones).

Feed & seed register for all SA farmers

A register of available seed, fodder and agistment has been launched by the South Australian Farmers' Federation (SAFF) to assist the state's farmers through the present drought. To access the information call Toll Free 1800 753 277

SA Farmers Federation

SAFF will assist rural communities to research and co-ordinate their EC (exceptional circumstances) applications and will follow through with representation at state and federal level.

Rural community representatives are encouraged to contact Carol Vincent directly on 8100 8701 or via e-mail at cvincent@saff.com.au to discuss their EC applications.

Western Australia

Department of Agriculture & Food, Western Australia

2006 Dry Season Assistance Scheme for Landholders web page
The 2006 Dry Season Assistance Scheme is part of a $5.325M package announced by the state government on 21 August 2006. It includes direct farmer grants to assist those farmers worst affected by the 2006 dry season

2006 Dry Season Information for Landholders web page

Exceptional Circumstances criteria WA

Updated information on eligibility criteria for Exceptional Circumstances in WA
Northern, Cental & Southern Wheat belt Health, Financial & Information Support Directory
This directory contains a great deal of information for people in these regions and includes telephone numbers, contact names and web sites for assistance with everything from agronomic issues, to Centrelink, family counselling etc.

Western Australian Farmers Federation

WAFarmers aims to develop and implement policy and create benefits that will ensure a profitable future for its members, and a viable future for WA's agribusiness industry.

WAFarmers endeavours to address the key issues in each of its commodity sections representing wool producers, grain growers, meat producers, horticulturalists, pastoralists, dairy farmers and beekeepers as well as issues that impact on whole rural communities.

New South Wales

NSW Department of Primary Industries Drought assistance web page


This link will take you directly to the drought assistance page on the NSW DPI website. In addition, you can access the following pages:

Contact Details for NSW DPI Drought Assistance
To discuss or gain details on any aspects of the drought, drought assistance etc. click on the link below or contact the NSW Drought Hotline on 1800 814 647 (Mon-Fri)


Contact Details for NSW DPI Drought Support Workers

Drought Support Workers provide immediate personal support, basic information and referral to other appropriate services.


Drought Related Fact Sheets - Search

NSW Rural Assistance Authority Website

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority provides financial assistance to rural producers and small businesses in NSW. The Authority can provide assistance relating to both federal and state funded programs. To find out about the various services they can provide rural primary producers, click on the above link.

To see what specific drought services are available via the NSW RAA click on one of the links below.

New South Wales Farmers Federation


Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries & Water - Food & Agriculture Home Page


If you are located in Tasmania and are seeking assistance with drought-relief or support, please refer to the national information contained on this page. In addition:

The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries & Water (DPIW) refers readers to the federal Farm Help Scheme, Centrelink web site for financial relief and there is a list of rural financial counsellors in Tasmania contained in the national section. To check if there is any change in Tasmanian policy noted on the DPIW website, click the link below.


The FarmPoint web page aims to deliver a useful web page containing relevant information for our primary industry sector. FarmPoint aims to provide information and ready access to everything a Tasmanian farmer needs to know to manage their business and property successfully. Using FarmPoint, farmers will be able to manage and develop their businesses, utilise information for property management planning and access Government information in a user-friendly format. To access the Drought assistance page, please click on the link below.




QLD Department of Primary Industries & Forestry - Drought Relief Assistance Program Website
The QLD Department of Primary Industries & Forestry administers a QLD program called Drought Relief Assistance Scheme (DRAS). The scheme helps rural primary producers in the grazing industries manage their livestock resource during drought and to assist in the restoration of that resource after drought.

You can also call the DPI&F Drought Hotline on FreeCALL 1800 025 656 (Mon-Fri).

Click here to download the Booklet - How to apply for QLD DRAS Subsidies (PDF 214 Kb)

Queensland Farmers Federation

Northern Territory

NT Dept Primary Industry, Fisheries & Mines Home Page
If you are located in Northern Territory and are seeking assistance with drought-relief or support, please refer to the national information contained on this page. The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries & Mines does not detail any specific NT initiatives in this area.

We therefore recommend that Territorians refer to the federal Farm Help Scheme and/or Centrelink web sites in the national information contained on this page. The national information does contain a list of rural financial counsellors in NT.

To check if there has been any change to this, you can check on the NT DPI&M website link above.

AAA FarmBis Training Subsidy Website

FarmBis provides assistance to attend eligible management training activities. The Scheme is jointly funded by the Australian and the NT governments and is administered by the NT Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries & Mines.


Drought information for Victoria from the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.
This website contains a variety of information from the Department of Primary Industry in and other agencies in Victoria. Information includes; Dry Seasonal conditions Report, as well as farming and financial assistance information.

MLA Drought resources
The Meat & Livestock Association provides drought resources for livestock producers.

The Goulburn Valley Division of General Practice
Drought assistance and support for residents in City of Greater Shepparton, Campaspe Shire and Moira Shire. Please call (03) 5831 5399 or email gcaning@gvgp.com.au.

Victoria Online – Drought section
Victoria Online website provides various links to government drought information.

Contact Us

The aim of the drought resources section of the AWB/Landmark website is to provide information on third party providers only and whilst our staff will be aware of the resources and familiar with the content of the site, they should not be viewed as experts on drought relief. AWB/Landmark will continue to support all clients during the drought and will provide assistance where possible via staff, offices and branches.

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