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LIVESTOCK | 25 May 2010

Diamantina Commercial Female Sale



A total of 969 head of excellent quality Droughtmaster heifers were offered at the Diamantina sale on the 21st May.

92% of the animals were given the opportunity to a bull prior to the sale. There were 96 Vet PTIC heifers, and 65 Vet PTIC Cows. The majority of the yarding was an excellent and beautifully quiet 627 head of chance mated/not detectably pregnant heifers, 65% of the total offered. All agents agreed these females were an absolute pleasure to receive, handle and truck.

Strong competition from Barcaldine, Longreach and Stonehenge areas - plus good bidders in the North (Richmond, Julia Creek and Mareeba) and South (Cobar, NSW) made competition very fierce for the line-up.

Sale Details
The entire offering was sold open auction (dollars per head), with an average price for PTIC cows at $799, PTIC heifers $811, chance mated heifers of $526 and maiden heifers at $460. All cattle were headed back out to pasture by 5.00 pm the next day.

55 PTIC Cow offered topped $820, Ave $799, all offered by Eddington Droughtmasters.
Volume bought evenly (3 pens to 3 buyers) by Lazy A stud, Elders LRE a/c Gary Ballard & Landmark Longreach a/c Allen Livestock.
10x6 Cow and Calf offered topped $950 for one pen Eddington Droughtmasters.
Buyer: Brodie Agencies a/c Jeff Potter, 'Toobrac.'

39 PTIC (RED TAG) Heifer offered topped $820 for one pen Eversleigh Droughtmasters.
Buyer: Elders Barcaldine a/c Nigel Balderson

57 PTIC (BLUE TAG) Heifers offered topped $805 for one pen Eversleigh Droughtmasters, Ave $788.
Buyer top price: Brodie Agencies a/c no. 2 (destination: Julia Creek)

99 Station pregnancy tested heifers offered topped $645 for one pen Bernborough Droughtmasters, Ave $610
Buyer top price: Landmark Mareeba, a/c Bamasakk Pty Ltd

627 Chance mated or not detectably pregnant heifers offered topped $590 for one pen Eversleigh Droughtmasters, Ave $526
Buyer top price: Elders Longreach a/c Gary Ballard

82 Maiden heifers offered, 71 purchased to top at $460
Buyer: Landmark Richmond a/c Ball & Co, 71 maiden heifers offered by Eddington Droughtmasters, Julia Creek.

Volume Buyers

Landmark Richmond a/c Powermac Droughtmasters bought 129 heifers at an average of $468/hd

Peter Britton, 'Goolma,' via Winton took the option of 4 pens of Deane Grazing chance mated heifers at $450/hd for 123 head

Elders Barcaldine a/c Nigel Balderson, 'Balonne,' via Barcaldine bought 104 heifers, the majority being Red/Blue PTIC heifers at an average of $728/hd for 104 head. A pen of 34 chance mated/not detectably pregnant heifers sold to this purchaser for $580/hd.

Elders Longreach a/c Gary Ballard bought 21 PTIC Cows and 73 Chance mated heifers to total 94 head. PTIC Cows (one pen) went for $800/hd and two pens of chance mated heifers averaged $573/hd

For further information, please contact:
Lachlan Radford 0429 470 952


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