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LIVESTOCK | 1 December 2010

Cattle producers set to benefit from breeding services

Cattle producers across Western Australia are set to benefit with the introduction of Landmark Breeding Services, which will offer a full suite of bovine breeding services to dairy and beef cattle producers, along with the promotion and sale of seed stock genetics nationally and internationally.

Landmark’s division manager for livestock Eric Broad said the new business unit would be based in Bunbury and would commence operating on 1 December.

“We have brought together three well-known and experienced operators to create the Landmark Breeding Services team: Leon Giglia, Brad Demarti and Steve Mountford,” Mr Broad said.

“Together they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the artificial breeding and herd improvement industries and will complement the wide range of services we offer to our clients.

“Leon as newly appointed South West Livestock Manager has 18 years’ experience in artificial breeding and herd improvement, on top of 13 years as a Wesfarmers livestock employee.

“Brad’s 15 years in the artificial breeding industry and specific skills in the areas of semen processing and evaluation will be invaluable to the business.

“Steve has first hand experience as a former dairy producer, which places him in an ideal position to be offering advice and service relevant to dairy cattle breeding, as well as being an industry accredited inseminator.

Leon Giglia said the services on offer through Landmark Breeding Services would include semen and embryo sales, semen collection and evaluation, and managing and conducting breeding programs.

“With the aid of the Landmark network and expertise of the Breeding Services team we will be able to identify markets and introduce breeding programs and practices for producers that focus on end results,” he said.

“We will be able to offer advice in all aspects of the breeding program, beginning at the simplest semen testing of herd bulls.

“For a very nominal fee any cattle producer will be able to take the guess work out of their breeding program.”

For further information:

Leon Giglia 0407 931 036

Brad Demarti 0407 462 688

Steve Mountford 0418 921 753

Eric Broad 0429 990 238

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