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FARM SERVICES | 22 February 2010

Alliance on satellites for agriculture

Landmark Operations and Apogee Imaging International have announced a strategic alliance to deliver the next generation of satellite imagery to agribusiness and rural communities across Australia.

Apogee brings to the alliance its proprietary FARMIMAGE TM services system and access to a constellation of satellites that can view anywhere in Australasia, including radar satellites with capability to image through cloud and collect data, even at night.

Landmark will deliver its clients a range of Apogee products and services through Landmark’s Australia-wide network of agronomists, using the FARMIMAGETM internet platform.

Landmark’s National Farm Services Manager, Bruce Cairns, said the alliance with Apogee would assist clients by providing lower cost spatial information, leading to more informed and thus better decisions.

“When available in a timely manner, remotely sensed images can be used to identify problems such as nutrient deficiencies, diseases, water deficiency or surplus, weed infestations, insect damage, hail damage, wind damage, herbicide damage and plantpopulations,” Mr Cairns said.

“This information can be used as base maps in variable rate applications of fertilisers and pesticides, which means better and more efficient targeting of farm inputs.

“Farmers have been aware of advances in this technology for years, but it has been costly, hard to obtain, difficult to interpret and slow to be delivered – until now, that is.

“This alliance between Apogee and Landmark means delivery of FARMIMAGETM services that are much more accurate, faster, targeted and cost-effective.”

Managing Director of Apogee, John Douglas, said the greater delivery of remote sensing services and technology to rural communities offered exciting potential for productivity improvement.

“In many instances, isolated problems may be identified remotely long before they can be identified visually and Apogee has access to over a dozen satellites, in some cases enabling even daily revisits over a site,” Mr Douglas said.

“We see the range of products and services benefiting a diverse range of agricultural and rural enterprises including broadacre cropping, livestock and horticulture, as well as various government agencies.”

Commencing in 2010, Landmark clients will be able to access:

  • Crop assessment using NDVI (Normalised Differentiation Vegetative Index) analysis and interpretation from the latest satellites and aerial sensors;
  • Vineyard crop assessment using satellites and aerial sensors.

Other services using satellite technology are under development by Apogee and Landmark, including:

  • Rapid crop damage assessment;
  • Flood damage and flood risk mitigation plans;
  • Vegetative assessments and monitoring for use in carbon trading;
  • Contour mapping using proprietary technology;
  • Rural property assessment and evaluation services;
  • The FARMIMAGE™ Integrated Property Management System.


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