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LIVESTOCK | 24 August 2010

AACO Company Sales Report

  3,000 AACo breeders took our Roma selling team 75 minutes to sell, with the breeders achieving above expectations.

The Roma Livestock Marketing team led by Rod Turner presented the breeders to an enthusiastic panel of buyers from 3 States.

15 Landmark branches were represented at the sale. Rod, Brad Vidler, Andrew Holt and Nick Shorten did a fantastic job with the presentation of the Brunette Downs cattle from Tennant Creek NT. Branch support was also evident from surrounding branches with Trent McKinlay from Injune and Anthony Hyland from Mitchell highly involved in the preparation of the breeders for the sale.

"If there are any doubters in regard to the effect of the Landmark Livestock Network's capability to deliver, they would have witnessed a premium display last week in Roma," said Brendan Wade, Divisional Livestock Manager.. "The passion and pride our Maranoa team displayed for their job was first class and a credit to their professionalism."

A top price of 226c/kg was achieved for a quality pen of Santa PTIC heifers, which weighed 335kg to return $759/head.

Highest per head priced achieved was $1073 for a pen of Santa cows that sold to 210c/kg for 513kg.

AACo's Barkly Composite heifers, which contain the Santa/Charolais/Senepol genetics, reached 225c for 360kg to make $807.

An average of 187c for 477kg to return $892 was recorded for the AACo cows, while a price average of 197c for 434kg to make $850 was achieved for AACo heifers.

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