Sheep Shearing Stationery


Landmark Wool provides sheep shearing stationery, including forms and reports - a key tool for wool professionals and growers alike.

Shearing stationery is a key aspect of the sheep shearing process for wool professionals and growers alike. That’s why we provide all the forms and reports you’ll need to download right here.

Each downloadable document is in a PDF or Microsoft Excel format. Click on the document required for viewing and printing.


Please note:

* The National Wool Declaration (NWD) forms part of the Wool Classer Specification Sheet and must be completed and signed by the owner or manager. This declaration is valid for one shearing only. The purpose of the NWD is to develop a single industry-wide identification document to identify the mulesing status of wool from properties. The NWD also covers the Dark & Medullated Fibre Risk Scheme.

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