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Prepay Plus


Maximise your production returns this tax year by pre-paying your on-farm requirements pre-June 30. Landmark’s exclusive Prepay Plus offer allows you to prepay funds into your account before June 30 and earn a reward until you collect your goods. A safe, secure and rewarding way of prepaying next season’s requirements without the hassle of working out exactly what you need.


For more information, please contact your local Landmark Branch Manager or Rural Finance Manager.





  • Customers will receive a reward based on the paid amount prepaid into their Landmark Prepay Plus Account.
  • A tax invoice will be issued to the customer upon receipt of the paid amount.


  • The paid amount must be used within 12 months from the prepayment date and cannot be withdrawn. If the paid amount is not redeemed within the 12 month period, the reward amount will cease to be applied.

Reward Amount

  • 4% per annum on the balance of the paid amount.
  • Any reward amount must be used to purchase Landmark goods.
  • The reward amount is not interest and cannot be paid out separately to customers.

Minimum Amount

  • $10,000

Maximum Amount

  • $5 Million

Accessing Funds

  • Customers CANNOT withdraw funds


  • Nil


Download the Prepay Plus Agreement here




Important Information Landmark Operations Limited (Landmark), its employees, agents or contractors are not providing any financial, legal or tax advice. Landmark recommends that interested parties obtain their own independent tax and/or financial advice on the suitability and benefits of this product based on their specific circumstances. The ‘Prepayment Amount’ is to be redeemed within 12 months from the Prepayment Date and the Reward Amount must be redeemed on future purchases of Goods from a Landmark store. The Prepayment Amount cannot be withdrawn. Depending on individual circumstances this product may provide tax benefits. Contact your local branch manager or Rural Finance Manager for the full Terms and Conditions.








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