Landmark Branches

With over 200 branches in regional and rural areas across mainland Australia, there is always a Landmark location close by.

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Our branch network

Our network of Landmark branches provide a huge range of products and services. From crop protection and plant nutrition products to detailed advice on livestock and wool auctions, specialised insurance, real estate and agricultural finance services and more - our team will help you maximise your farm’s potential.

Present in more than 400 locations across regional and rural Australia, our 1,600-strong team of customer specialists provide their expertise, commitment and service so that we’ll continue to deliver products, services and value to our employees, customers and shareholders for a long time to come.

Our branches typically offer the following products and services

Livestock & Wool Services

  • Auctions & private sales
  • Animal health management
  • Livestock and wool clip marketing services
  • Breeding and genetics advice

Precision Technology Services

  • Farm & paddock planning services
  • Soil and plant tissue testing
  • Crop and fertiliser selection advice
  • Echelon precision farming services

Farm Supplies

  • Animal health products
  • Fencing
  • Harvest products
  • Safety equipment
  • Spraying equipment
  • General supplies
  • Crop protection, fertiliser and feed

Other Services

  • A large range of agricultural insurance products
  • Financial services for crops and livestock
  • Rural real estate options

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