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WOOL | 18 March 2010

World’s Finest Wool heads to India

Landmark Jackson of Geelong has sold the world’s finest ever bale of wool to be offered at auction, with the bale selling at the Melbourne Wool Sales for 170,000 cents per kilogram to Lempriere Australia, on behalf of Raymond Limited – one of the world’s largest integrated worsted suiting companies, based in India.

Landmark-Jackson of Geelong’s superfine wool specialist, Ted Wilson, said the sale set a new international standard with today’s purchase.

“This 100kg bale was the finest wool; the culmination of months of careful and dedicated work, with the wool measuring an incredible 11.4 microns, 64mm in length, 36 newtons/kilotex strength and yielding 76.4%,” Mr Wilson said.

“Full credit must go to specialist ultrafine woolgrowers Robert, Pamela and Bradley Sandlant of “Pyrenees Park” Lexton Victoria, for their skill in generating a product like this; it’s a great pleasure to work with such people throughout the preparation and selling process.

“It’s also tremendous for Australian wool to place this product internationally with a customer such as Raymond Limited, who recognise the unique role played by the Australian sheep farming community and their commitment in producing the world’s finest wool over the years,” Mr Wilson said.

The Sandlant family said that they are proud to supply an exclusive product to a company whose expertise in manufacturing cloth of exceptional quality means it will be purchased by discerning customers throughout the world.

“This is what our “Pyrenees Park” brand is all about, so we are thrilled at gaining such recognition and are looking forward to producing another woolclip of equally high standards,“ said Rob Sandlant.

“We would like to thank all those who have assisted in the process, as this is more than simply an achievement for us; it’s a good news story for wool, the world’s greatest natural fibre,” Mr Sandlant said.

Editors note: photo available on request


Media Inquiries:

  • Ted Wilson, Landmark Jackson of Geelong, Tel: 0409 368 376
  • Robert Sandlant, Pyrenees Park in Victoria, Tel: 0408 511 736
  • David Freney – Lempriere Australia Tel: 0418 604 539
  • Mr S K Singhal – Raymond Limited, Tel: +91 9820077853


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