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WOOL | 26 June 2008

World’s Finest Wool Bale at Auction

The world’s finest wool bale ever to be offered at auction achieved a seasonal record price of 269,000 cents per kilogram today.

The bale, produced by Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership, southern New South Wales, and branded AUSFINEULTRA, tested at 11.6 micron.

After strong interest and bidding by buyers from Asia and Europe the bale was purchased by Lempriere on account of Raymond Limited, India for $247,480 AUD. Raymond Limited is one of the world’s largest worsted suiting companies and this bale is destined for ultrafine wool suiting to be manufactured by Raymond, India.

The record bale has measurements of 11.6 micron, 72.1 Yield, 68mm and 43N/kt.

The bale was one of a magnificent line up of ultrafine wool offered on behalf of Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership. Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership, consisting of Murray & Leanne Picker, Grant & Jenna Picker, Brett & Sue Picker, and Wayne and Carol Krause is based in southern New South Wales.

Landmark’s Southern NSW Wool Manager Craig Lawson said he was pleased with the strong market competition from international ultrafine buyers and processors.

“In addition to breaking the record for the finest bale of wool ever to be offered at auction, Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership has also been accredited with eight 1PP wool types for the wool they offered today. The top bale is the finest bale ever to be accredited 1PP,” Mr Lawson said.

“This brings the total to eleven 1PP’s for the 2007/2008 wool selling season, equalling their record from the 2006/07 wool selling season,” said Craig Lawson. The 1PP accreditation is the ultimate wool type in the wool industry, signifying evenness of style, character and handle.

Other outstanding results from their wool in the Landmark catalogue today include an AUSFINEULTRA bale at 12.3 micron, 71mm, 48 N/kt for 87,000 cents/kilogram greasy; another AUSFINEULTRA bale at 12.9 micron, 73mm, 42 N/kt for 49,000 cents/kilogram greasy. MA Kiernan & Co purchased all the ultrafine fleece lines excepting the top bale, which was purchased by Lempriere for Raymond, India.

In addition to growing wool of superior quality, preparation of ultrafine wool is quintessential to achieving such success in the sale room. The Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership utilises the Ausfine branding and preparation system to differentiate and promote their wool.

Mr Chris McDonnell, Landmark NSW Wool Manager together with Mr Lawson offered their congratulations to Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership. “This is a fantastic result; we congratulate the Hillcreston Pinehill Partnership owners. Landmark is proud to assist our clients in achieving success such as theirs,” Mr McDonnell said.

Mr Stuart Greenshields, wool buyer representing Raymond was quoted as saying, “Raymond have always recognised the unique role played by the Australian sheep farming community in their contribution in producing the world’s finest wool over the years. The purchase of this 11.6 micron bale places Raymond as a world leader with the capability of producing the world’s finest worsted wool fabric of 240’s grade. We are very impressed with the high quality of the Hillcreston Pinehill wool.”

Media Inquiries: Craig Lawson 0419 413 062 or Chris McDonnell 0417 442 523

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