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WOOL | 9 March 2010

World Record Finest Bale of Wool

The world’s finest ever bale of merino wool, measuring an amazing 11.4 microns and of superior quality has been produced by ultrafine wool producers Robert, Pamela and Bradley Sandlant of Pyrenees Park in Victoria, Australia.

Ted Wilson, superfine wool specialist for Landmark-Jackson of Geelong, expects the world’s leading manufacturers of exclusive and elite fabrics to show a keen interest in the 11.4 micron bale when it is offered at auction in Melbourne on the 17th of March.

Mr Wilson said the record breaking bale, weighing 100kgs with a yield of 76.4% and a staple strength of 36 N/kt, is a reflection of the skill, dedication and commitment of the Sandlant family in producing the world’s finest wool.

“The natural fibre market is a massive market globally but few fibres can replicate the unique characteristics of ultrafine wool and in particular this bale produced by the Sandlant family,” he said.

Mr Sandlant of Pyrenees Park said buyers expect extremely high standards and insist on a quality product.

“This wool is of outstanding fineness, appearance, soft handle and exceptional style,” Mr Sandlant said.


Media Inquiries:

Ted Wilson, Landmark-Jackson of Geelong, Tel: 0409 368 376 or

Robert Sandlant, Pyrenees Park in Victoria, Tel: 0408 511 736

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