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Forward Contracts

Forward Contracts offer the stability of nominated prices that can be locked in up to two years ahead. Contracts can be arranged for fleece only or fleece, pieces and bellies.


How Does It Work?

Growers, in conjunction with their Landmark Wool Area Manager, estimate the expected test results for their wool. An offer price is generated on the basis of these estimates.


Wool is prepared using a registered wool classer and branding bales according to the AWEX Clip Preparation Code of Practice. Alternatively clips can be prepared under the Direct to Mill (unskirted) system.


All lots are tested, as advised in the Classers Report, and the final price is calculated by adjusting the contract price up or down using AWEX quotations at the time of delivery.

For more information on Landmark's Forward Contracts please contact Landmark Wool on 1800 629 396.

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