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The Master Data 5 conditions


To ensure that we can efficiently action your request, your form must meet the following 5 conditions:


     Is it valid?
....  ACN, ABN, EAN rules


      Is it accurate?
....   correct and true information


     Is it legible?
....  can we read it?


      Is it complete?
....  mandatory information


     Is it submitted correctly?
.... right form, right address



Master Data forms



What we need from you!

  • Continue to align your processes with our new way of working – Be informed .... Ensure you read the latest Vendor communication detailed in the 'Vendor Factsheets' section below. It is important our Vendors are aligned with the Landmark system and process changes.

  • Inform your teams!!!!! 


Need Assistance?

Please contact our Landmark team members outlined below:


Category Management 

 Email or call our team 
 N.B.  Landmark Category Management contact details will be available shortly

 Price  price.notify@landmark.com.au
 Master Data / Article  masterdata@landmark.com.au
 Accounts Payable  accountspayable@landmark.com.au






Landmark factsheets


Our regular updates provide Vendors with important information, what it means for your teams and when it needs to be actioned by.


It’s important we communicate with the right teams within your organisation i.e. I.T., Logistics, Finance and Sales. If you wish to add a contact to our communication database, please email; vicky.schokman@landmark.com.au




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