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LANDMARK | 15 July 2008

South West fly high to Landmark title in the WA Country Football Championships

On the back of 10 goals from Brad Hardingham, the South West Football League ended four years of dominance by Upper Great Southern to claim this year’s Landmark WA Country Football Championships A-Section title.

Coached by Mark Bayliss, who was later named the coach-of-the-carnival, South West beat Avon in the final by 63 points in a grand final that provided plenty of highlights, including a spectacular mark by Jamie Bennell.

Hardingham, Nathan Elari, Bennell, Cody Miller, Kane Bebbington and Jesse Gribble were best for the winners in the 23.9 (147) to 12.12 (84) win, while Joel Forsyth kicked four goals for Avon whose best were Jon Anderson, Kerry Davis, Rowan Blee, Brendan Ogg, Nathan de BleCourt and Troy Stevens.

Former Swan Districts and Perth leading goal kicker Chris Maguire kicked eight goals in the Goldfield’s eight-point win over Great Southern in the battle of the B-Section.

Led by Matt Johnston, Chris Maguire, Justin Langridge and Chris Brabazon, the Goldfields emerged victorious 15.15 (105) to 14.13 (97).

Best for the Great Southern were Cleve Humphries, James McRae, Nathan Skinner and Ryan Kinnear.

C-Section came down to a contest between the Lower South West Football League and the Central Midlands Coastal, with the former winning by 38 points.

Scott Giacomel kicked seven majors in the 19.6 (120) to 12.10 (82) win, with Keegan Bennett, John McGinty and Gavin Hurley also among the winners’ best. Playing their part for CMC were Luke Burger, Jim Himilton, Michael Polmear and Trent McKenna.

Aaron Black’s 10 goals led South West to a 18.7 (115) to 10.3 (63) win over Regional Districts in the final of the A-Section colts.

Aaron Black, Corey Griggs, Craig VanTwist, Matt Scott, Teke Vernon and Rhys Gelmi were the major playmakers for the South West, while Trent Joyce, Kalan Joyce, Damien Hayward and Travis Allington played well for Regional Districts.

In the colts B-Section it was Pilbara who defeated Mortlock 9.8 (62) to 5.12 (42).

James Blaser, Ashley Cooper, Dylan McCutcheon, David Drummond and Ian Drummond were best afield for the Pilbara, while Mortlock were well-represented by Justin Knill, Michael Patchings, Dean Wilson, Geoff Rouse and Mark Livall.



Coach of the Carnival - Mark Bayliss, South West Football League


Umpire of the Carnival - Steven Dalgleish, Goldfields Football League


Fairest and Best in A-Section grand final - Bradley Hardingham, South West Football League


Fairest and Best in B-Section grand final - Justin Langridge, Goldfields Football League


Fairest and Best in C-Section grand final - Keegan Bennett, Lower South West Football League


Fairest and Best in Colts A-Section grand final - Aaron Black, South West Football League


Fairest and Best in Colts B-Section grand final - James Blaser, Pilbara


A-SECTION (Jock Coleman Trophy) - James Thompson, Avon Football Association
B-SECTION (Bud Byfield Trophy) - Nick Smith, Mortlock Football League
C-SECTION (Jock Beattie Trophy) - Clint Ernst, Lower South West Football League
COLTS A-SECTION (Ken Baxter Medal) - Zaphaniah Skinner, Kimberley Spirit
COLTS B-SECTION (Clem Bray Medal) - James Blaser, Pilbara

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