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LIVESTOCK | 14 January 2009

Selling above expectations

[Buddy Gartlan, from Ferry Hills. Photo from Stock and Land]

Casterton recently hosted what’s believed to be the largest single-agent sheep sale in Australia, with all sheep selling to rates above expectations. A big crowd turned out for the annual sale, with an exceptional yarding of 23,500 sheep and lambs.

Located about 380km west of Melbourne, Casterton is in the heart of Victoria’s Western District. About 2000 people live in the town and as the rural centre for the district; it services pastoral, mixed farming, timber-producing and dairying.

The Casterton livestock team of Greg Bright and Andrew Harrison and the Casterton branch team achieved excellent prices for their clients in the sale and it was a credit to all vendors in the way the sheep were presented.

Coopworth-cross and Border Leicester-Merino ewes sold from $60 to $131, with an average of $112 per head. Ferry Hills sold 302 one and half year old first-cross ewes for $131 per head and 146 one and half year old Border Leicester-Merino at $130 a head. Clifford sold 87 one and half year old first-cross ewes for $126 a head and Wando Hills sold 174 Coopworth-cross ewes at $122 a head.

The level of interest generated was evident with twenty Victorian and interstate meat companies registered for the sale with buyers keen to secure sheep.

The biggest age group in the sale was the two and a half year olds, with most being Coopworth and Coopworth-cross. The 1,900 two and a half year olds sold from $62-$122 to average $96.

Three-and-a-half year-olds sold from $67-$91 to average $88. Four and a half to five and a half year olds made from $30-$80 to average $64.

Crossbred lambs and ewe lambs sold to strong, and at times extreme, demand exceeding presale values by up to $10 to $15. Crossbred lambs sold from $20-$92 to average $64, while first-cross and Coopworth ewe lambs made from $77-$90 to average $81.

For more information contact John Lawson, Landmark’s Victorian Livestock Manager, on 0419 723 575 or Greg Bright on 0408 430 668.

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