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MERCHANDISE | 12 April 2010

Media Release: Growers backing Hindmarsh barley

Barley growers are likely to sow over 400,000 hectares of Hindmarsh barley across Australia this year, which is a sign of their confidence in the variety, according to AWB Seeds.

Currently a feed barley, Hindmarsh barley is one step closer to being classified as a malting variety, following the recent announcement of it successfully passing the first stage of the two-stage process for malting accreditation.

With many barley growers watching the progress of this variety with great interest, AWB Seeds manager Simon Crane said the achievement of this step would be very positive news for growers in low to medium rainfall areas.

“Hindmarsh has great agronomic characteristics for low to medium rainfall areas, so is already popular as a widely adapted feed barley,” Mr Crane said.

“The industry is well aware it is being tested as a potential malting barley and has high hopes for success; whether growers are building their stocks in anticipation or simply adopting it because it is a great feed barley is an open question.

“Either way, the feedback from our clients suggests we might see over 400,000 hectares produced this season, which shows growers are very confident in their investment.

“This year Hindmarsh will enter the second stage of the Malting Barley and Industry Brewing Technical Committee’s malting and brewing evaluation trials, with results due in March 2011.

“This is the key step in determining whether Hindmarsh will go on to access malting markets or remain as a feed grain, so 2010 will be crucial for this variety,” Mr Crane said.

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