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Heifer Calf Contracts


Sexed Semen and Holstein Heifer Calf Contracts

Landmark offers dairy farmers the opportunity to enhance herd productivity and profitability by including sexed semen in their breeding program.


Using sexed semen, particularly in maiden heifers improves calving ease and increases the number of replacements, accelerating genetic gain in your herd and adds value to your bottom line with more surplus heifers to sell.
Landmark’s Guaranteed Price Buy Back for heifer calves at either 10 days old or a minimum of 110 kilos live weight gives you price security and for every heifer you contract you pay no more than 50% of the retail cost for sexed semen.* conditions apply.

For more information on contract specifications and price contact your local Landmark Dairy Coordinator:

Gerard Delaney
Western Victoria
Mobile: 0428 257 335


John Bowler
Mobile: 0408 238 464


Chris Coolahan

Western Victoria

Mobile: 0427 516 123

Kent Tyson
Mobile: 0428 318 272



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