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Feedlot Systems


Feedlot Systems - Assisting producers to boost the value of their livestock


Landmark has bunk space in AUS-MEAT- accredited feedlots throughout Australia. By using Feedlot Systems, producers can add value to their livestock while reducing their risk.


Whether you want to sell feeder stock on a live weight basis, or retain your equity and sell the finished product, qualified Landmark specialists can advise you on all your options.


Landmark also has specialist software to evaluate the potential profit or loss before stock start feeding, again minimising your risk.


Landmark Feedlot Finance Facility


Landmark Feedlot Finance is a short-term credit facility designed to meet the majority of costs associated with feed-lotting.

The facility will cover costs for:

  • Freight in and out of feedlot 
  • Induction 
  • Feeding and animal health 
  • Feedlot management fees 
  • Insurance


Landmark Feedlot Finance offers extended credit terms to approved clients. Our interest-free extended terms cover


  • 70-80 days for domestic cattle 
  • 100-120 days for export cattle


Landmark Feedlot Finance can be an invaluable tool in controlling your cash flow. It enables you to trade and finish your stock without relying on the season and forced turnoff, and to add value to your stock through weight gain and meeting high-end market specifications.

For further information on all feedlot system services, contact your nearest Landmark Branch

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