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The Landmark Dairy team was established to provide specialised services to Australian Dairy Producers. Located in key dairy production areas across Australia; the Landmark Dairy team holds years of experience within the Dairy industry and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to understand and meet every Dairy producer’s needs.



Whether its marketing your dairy cattle (domestic or international), breeding services, stud stock genetics or animal health and nutrition Landmark’s Dairy team is dedicated to getting the best results for your business.





Marketing Dairy Cattle




  • Auction
  • Private Treaty
  • AuctionsPlus
  • Herd Dispersals and Clearing Sales




Stud Stock




  • Stud Dairy Sales
  • Dairy replacements
  • Sire Selection




Breeding Services




  • Breeding advice
  • Semen Selection
  • Semen Sales
  • Artificial Insemination




Animal Health & Nutrition




Dedicated animal health and nutrition staff to advise on the health, quality and productivity of your livestock.



Providing expert advice on:



  • Internal and external parasites
  • Nutrition
  • Vaccines
  • Feed Rations and alternatives
  • Specialised agronomy requirements



and much more...




Live Export





Landmark International is one of Australia’s major livestock exporters and provider of breeding services, specialising in the export of dairy cattle to China, South East Asia, Middle East, Mexico and Russia.

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Cattle for Sale





Dairy Team Contacts




Western District


Kieran Johnstone
Mobile: 0408 352 629
Email: Kieran.johnstone@landmark.com.au




Gerard Delaney
Mobile 0428 257 335
Email: gerard.delaney@landmark.com.au




John Bowler
Mobile 0408 238 464
Email: john.bowler@landmark.com.au





Bernard Atkins 
Mobile 0417 593 158




Charles Walker
Mobile 0447 083 004
Email: charles.walker@landmark.com.au


Northern Victoria


Brian McNamara
Mobile 0419 963 487
Email: brian.mcnamara@landmark.com.au



Western Australia


Steve Mountford

Mobile 0418921753
Email: steve.mountford@landmark.com.au














Glen Pavletich
Phone (03) 5598 3050




Emily Harrison
Phone (03) 5662 2291




David Woodwood
Phone (03) 6452 1089






Animal Production Specialists




Andrew Schmetzer
Southern Victoria
Mobile 0458 704 372




Nicole Logg
Northern Victoria
Mobile 0407 257 871






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