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WOOL | 13 September 2010

Landmark - Wool4 the future

Landmark is taking a major step forward in wool promotion with Wool4, a marketing program for Australian wool based around high Australian standards for animal welfare and wool production.



Wool4 is a system for commercial wool growers, built on four pillars: animals, people, environment and future sustainability. It links participating growers right through to consumers, by promoting the highest standards of on-farm production and passing that information along through each step of the supply chain.


Landmark’s national wool manager, Kym Gunn, said Wool4 recognised shifts in production practices that key markets for Australian wool both want and need to know about.


“Over the last few years, Australian wool growers have been modifying their production practices while at the same time end-users have been requesting more information about the whole production system,” Mr Gunn said.


“As a leading wool broker, we recognised this need and are determined to be at the forefront of ensuring Australian wool continues to enjoy market access both now and well into the future.


“Our wool producers should be proud of their production systems, so the purpose of Wool4 is to promote this excellence both on-farm and right through the value chain,” Mr Gunn said.


The Wool4 platform combines animals, people, the planet and the future in a way that reflects the change in the marketing of Australian wool. It gives participating growers a means of genuinely differentiating their wool by clearing ethical, environmental and sustainability hurdles, with the aim of ensuring a prosperous future.


Over the past 12 months Landmark has met with numerous international end users and their stakeholders to listen and learn about their requirements, while also promoting the needs of Australian wool producers; companies such as UK-based retailers Marks & Spencer and Next, garment maker Dewhirst, and recently established strategic alliance with Yünsa, one of the world’s largest fabric makers.


Mr Gunn said both Landmark and Yünsa had entered into this alliance with a long-term view and commitment to Landmark’s wool growing clients.


“Our alliance with Yünsa is a great opportunity to promote our wool to end-users and supply chain partners. It provides more options for our clients to ensure they can participate with leading overseas organisations such as Yünsa,” Mr Gunn said.


Yünsa ranks amongst the world’s top five producers of worsted fabric, and prides itself on its sales and operational excellence, flexibility in production and product innovation, vision and its experience in the industry. Exporting to more than 60 countries, the company has sales offices in the European Union, North America and Far Eastern countries. Besides the sales offices, Yünsa has many agents nearly all around the world. The company also has a design office in Italy.


Spokesperson for Yünsa, Melik ERDiNÇ said they were pleased to be part of the strategic alliance with Landmark and believe that their relationship will be ongoing, as demand for this type of fabric continues to grow and open transparent supply chains with information sharing about production will become common practice.


“We are looking forward to working with Landmark and Australian wool producers in the future to source wool via the Wool4 program. It also offers the opportunity to create value, feedback, and long term access for Australian wool producers to participate in global markets,” Mr ERDiNÇ said.


“Our alliance has created a pipeline that extends from the farm gate to the garment maker, which retailers can rely on to provide the assurances that end-users have been asking for.”


Mr Gunn said Landmark has already supplied wool through Yünsa and has been working very closely with the company over the last nine months, to ensure all stakeholders’ requirements are met throughout the value chain.


“We are now working with Yünsa to negotiate more orders from retailers,” Mr Gunn said.


“A key requirement for us within Australia is to now expand the supply of wool from participating growers, so we would encourage any wool grower who would like to learn more about participating in the Wool4 program to contact their local Landmark wool area manager and find out how they can become involved.

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