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LANDMARK | 18 September 2008

Landmark reminds customers not to risk PC security

Landmark, one of Australia’s largest agribusinesses, is reminding its customers to be on the alert for PC fraud.


Colin Taylor, General Manager for Landmark Financial Services, said the home PC may get a workout this spring holiday period and, without the right precautions, this could leave many families vulnerable to fraud.


Mr Taylor said “Take some time this holiday period to have a chat with your kids and grandkids about the following 4 ways to keep your PC safe”


1.      Only use a computer you know and trust – don’t use a public computer (e.g. internet cafes, libraries or hotels) for your internet banking.


2.      Pause before responding to a suspicious email or website and never provide your password or PIN if asked.


Landmark will never ask you for your login, password or for your PIN.


3.      Always logon to Finance Online Plus from the Landmark website.


Scam emails will ask you to click on a link to go to your bank’s or financier’s website – never click on these links as they generally take you to a replica website designed to obtain your login and password data.


4.      Keep your anti-virus, firewall and spyware software, including operating system patches, up to date There are a number of affordable software protection tools that help keep customers’ PCs safe from viruses, and key stroke loggers, and from Trojan programs that make home PCs susceptible to online fraud.


Additional information and tips about how to keep personal details and money safe can be found by visiting the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website http://www.scamwatch.com.au/


Mr Taylor said, “whilst I know my team at Landmark is constantly working in the background to ensure our business is not targeted by fraud, I know that talking to my grandkids about home PC security is still my greatest form of defence against fraud.”


Visit www.landmark.com.au for tips on some of the latest PC security information. To report a potential or actual fraud, call 1800 622 015.


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