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LANDMARK | 28 September 2009

Landmark investing in local growth

Agricultural services company Landmark is upgrading 63 stores in its regional Australian network, investing in local growth opportunities in all States.


The program started in late 2007 and as at the end of July 2009, some 25 branches had been refurbished, refitted or completely rebuilt, with a further 38 branches on the list to be completed by the end of 2010.


The multimillion-dollar program is a joint effort with local investors in regional communities and confirms the strength of Australian agriculture, according to Landmark managing director, Graeme Jacobs.


“Landmark is in the process of transforming its business, which includes not just the way we do things, but where and how. Our branch structure is in many ways the face of the company, so we are taking this forward as part of our development,” Mr Jacobs said.


“We have many very good stores and through this program will have many more.


“Agriculture is a developing industry and so are our clients, which means we must develop our own facilities to meet their needs; better store locations, better product presentation, higher standards of safety, better workplaces and better customer service.


“Most of our stores are owned by local investors with Landmark as the long-term tenant, so redevelopments represent a joint effort between Landmark and the local community. A new, purpose-built store represents a $2-3 million investment, while even a refurbishment might be $150,000, so it’s a serious business,” Mr Jacobs said.


Landmark has closed several smaller branches this year where it found that clients could be better serviced from larger branches nearby, or where employees were occupied keeping small facilities open when their time could be better spent directly visiting farmers on their own properties.


“Agriculture is evolving – farmers themselves change their enterprise mix, so their needs change and so must our network. That’s not always an easy decision to make when you are a business in a small community, however the clients ultimately drive the decision and they are what our business is about,” Mr Jacobs said.


“Just last week we opened a new, state-of-the-art store at Yass, north of Canberra. I’m confident that if you ask our clients, our employees and our local business partners, they would say that it is beneficial for the region and beneficial for our business, so our branch development program is on the right track.”


• Landmark branch redevelopment completed since late 2007: Queensland 6, New South Wales 2, Victoria 9, South Australia 2, Western Australia 7.
• Landmark branch redevelopment currently planned July 2009 - December 2010: Queensland 7, New South Wales 12, Victoria 5, South Australia 4, Western Australia 9, Tasmania 1 (new branch).


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