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LANDMARK | 22 April 2010

Landmark Insurance surprises kids with Mongoose and Giant bikes

[Pictured are Samantha Burgess - Insurance Sales Manager, Moree, and Richard Herbst, General Manager-Professional Services, with one of the Barnados kids riding his bike.]
Under the close supervision of two bicycle mechanics, 15 teams of three from Landmark’s insurance business recently put together 15 children's bikes in a time trial. The time trial was one of a number activities that the insurance business used at its annual conference to highlight how it keeps its promise to key stakeholders.


In this instance, the promise was to the communities where the insurance business operates – to give back when possible.


The surprise for the employees taking part in the time trial was they would not be racing the bikes in the car park after they had been constructed. Instead, the 15 Mongoose and Giant bikes they assembled as teams would be given to a group of children who were waiting outside.


On the flip side, Daniel, Connor, Lachlan, Ronan, Tyson, Braith, Dean, Isaiah, Michael, Blake, Angela, Felicity, Jai and Jayden thought they were attending a concert and had no idea about the surprise awaiting them inside: brand new bikes and helmets.


Once inside the room, the kids – who range in age from 7 to 11 – were given a cardboard number and instructed to find a team with the same number. Once they had located the team, the kids each then received a gift­ – the bike and helmet.


kids with bikes


While the rebuilding of bikes in a time trial might seem like a fun team building exercise, it turned out to be much, much more. When the children, along with the employees who put together the bikes, realised the bikes were a gift, there were shocked faces amongst the children and employees, and even a few tears.


The kids who received the bikes and helmets are some of the children who are supported through the Queanbeyan Barnardos Children's Family Centre.


In Australia, Barnardo’s provides support to children who may be suffering from, or who are at risk of, abuse, neglect, homelessness or poverty. They may also be at risk of being placed in welfare care. If you are interested in knowing more about Barnados, you can go their website.


The bikes were supplied at a discounted price to Landmark through local Queanbeyan business, Hammer N Cycle, along with the RJ helmets.

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