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LANDMARK | 1 September 2008

Landmark changes rates on at call and term investment products, September 2008

Landmark Financial Services has changed the interest rates on selected at-call and term investment accounts.


Summary of Key Interest Rate Changes


Term Investment Accounts
Term Rate For amounts Interest paid
1 month 6.75% pa $50,000 and over At maturity
3 month 7.50% pa $25,000 and over At maturity
4 month 8.00% pa $25,000 and over At maturity
6 month 8.10% pa $25,000 and over At maturity
6 month 7.90% pa $50,000 and over Quarterly
12 month 7.90% pa $25,000 and over At maturity
12 month 7.10% pa $25,000 and over Quarterly
24 month 7.35% pa $25,000 and over At maturity
24 month 7.10% pa $25,000 and over Quarterly


At-Call Accounts
Account Rate For amounts Interest paid
Online Plus 7.15% pa whole balance Monthly
Call Investment 6.60% pa $100,000 and over Monthly
Cheque 4.25% pa $100,000 and over Monthly
Flat Fee 1.50% pa $100,000 and over Monthly


These rates apply to all new accounts opened or renewed on, or after, 1st September 2008.


For detailed rate changes visit


If customers require further information about our products, interest rates and terms including how to apply:
  • Contact us on 1800 622 015
  • Visit your local Landmark branch
  • Visit our website at


Standard & Poor’s Rating A-3 (Short Term) BBB – (Long Term)


Important Information
This general advice is provided by Landmark Operations Ltd ABN 73 008 743 217 (Landmark) and relates to unsecured deposit notes and associated payment facilities issued by Landmark. This information does not take account of your objectives, financial situation of needs. You should consider the appropriateness of this advice and read the current Prospectus and combined Financial Services Guide/ Product Disclosure Statement dated 8 February 2008 (Prospectus) for this product from your local Landmark outlet. ASIC requires us to advise that you risk losing some or all of your principal investment when subscribing to unsecured deposit notes, which are not a bank deposit. For an explanation of our credit rating please refer to page 37 of the current prospectus.


For media enquiries contact:
Travis Morgan
Product Manager – Financial Services
Phone: 03 9209 2922


Subject to change without notice.

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