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Important Information

This information is provided by Landmark Operations Limited ABN 73 008 743 217 (Landmark) which acts as an Authorised Representative (No. 275140) of National Adviser Services Pty Limited trading as NAS Insurance Brokers ABN: 60 096 916 184 AFSL Number: 233750, and a Distributor of WFI Insurance Limited ABN: 24 000 036 279 AFSL No: 241461.

When you ask us to arrange an insurance policy for you, we may arrange quotes for policies offered by CGU Insurance Limited or WFI Insurance Limited. In these cases, we have not compared these policies to other policies available. Alternatively, however, we may refer you to our in-house specialty brokers and they may arrange policies with other providers that may also be suitable for you. Our advice to you may be either personal or general in nature. If we provide general advice we do not take into account your personal needs, objectives or financial situation and we will provide you with a General Advice Warning as well as a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) if we recommend or offer to arrange an insurance policy for you, which contains information about the significant benefits and features of the insurance policy. It is aimed at assisting you to compare insurance policies so that you can make an informed choice about whether to acquire the policy. We recommend that you carefully read any PDS and policy documentation provided by us. If we provide personal advice for a retail product we will supply you with a remuneration report which will outline our commission and fees. In the cases of a Personal Accident policy, we will also provide you with a Statement of Advice (SoA) setting out the advice which we give you, the bases on which that advice is given and information about our remuneration and any associations relevant to the advice, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to act on that advice. We may receive commission of between 1.5% and 22.5% of any premiums written (excluding taxes and charges).

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