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LIVESTOCK | 27 July 2010

Friesians fight breast cancer

Landmark is intending to donate $15,000 for breast cancer research, with the donation to come from the proceeds of a Friesian heifer shipment currently being assembled by Landmark Global Exports (LGE).

Landmark’s general manager of agency operations and LGE director, Richard Norton, said advertising for the shipment featured a prominent pink ear tag and every heifer will carry two pink tags, giving clear emphasis that this is a special shipment.

“This will be our twelfth shipment of young dairy stock to China; we decided it needed to be marked by something extra and important for country people, so our choice was to support breast cancer research,” Mr Norton said.

“For each animal we intend to put aside $5 for this purpose, so over the next couple of weeks when you see a truck carrying top Friesian heifers with a bright pink tag in each year, you will know what it means.”

Each LGE shipment is approximately 3000 animals, which are being drawn from across Victoria, south-eastern South Australia and Tasmania, for export from Portland in early August.

“We’ve now bought around two-thirds of the stock we are seeking, which need to be unjoined Friesian heifers, 8-14 months old, 170 kilograms or more, of good conformation.

“We are actively seeking stock, so Friesian breeders with suitable animals are encouraged to contact their local Landmark agent as soon as possible,” Mr Norton said.




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