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LIVESTOCK | 22 June 2010

Damara / Dorper Cross Breeder & Feeder Reduction Sale


It would be the 1st time such a large line of Damara / Damara infused, predominantly wether lambs have been offered in Qld. Bred in the Trap rock country around Karara S.E Qld from one of the largest CLEANSKIN Damara flocks in Qld / Australia. It has been a passion for the vendor Dudley Leitch to breed natural wool shedding meat sheep, using Dorper, White Dorper, and Van Rooy Rams over Damara ewes and crossing back.

Buyer Details

When your livestock have exposure you have competition and that’s what was experienced in this sale.


The Ewe Lambs were purchased by re stockers Forbes NSW and St George in Qld.

The 8-11mth old Wether Lambs have gone to South Australia. The 6-8mth old Lambs have gone to Holbrook Southern NSW. Sale average $63.00 per head.

No. Head






Damara/Dorper X Ewes

20 – 39kgs LW

6 – 8 months



Damara/Dorper X Ewes

30 – 40kgs LW

8 – 11 months



Damara/Dorper X Wethers

30 – 40kgs LW

8 – 11 months

$60.00 - $69.50


Damara/Dorper X Wethers

20 – 29kgs LW

6 – 8 months



For further information, please contact:

Col Campbell Landmark AuctionsPlus Coordinator Qld/NT 0429068810

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