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LANDMARK | 28 June 2010

Could you shear for this long?


Could you shear sheep for 48 hours straight? With nothing more than meal breaks, the odd toilet stop, stretching and a spot of medical supervision?

Aaron Hemley from Callawadda thinks he can, and so does Landmark Stawell branch manager Don Murphy, with Landmark contributing $1000 in sponsorship towards the effort.

“This is a world record attempt, so it’s a massive undertaking,” Mr Murphy said.

“Aaron’s aiming to shear around 800 sheep over 48 hours; he’s big, fit and determined, so I’m confident he can do it.

“It’s going to be a major community event as well, with Aaron making his shearing record attempt in Stawell’s Central Park.

“The community will get the benefit, as Aaron is aiming to raise $200,000 for Stawell Regional Health's oncology unit.

“I’d encourage anyone from the region to come along, or even just people who are passing through, because it’s going to be an enormous physical and mental challenge aimed at helping a worthy cause, so it deserves support,” Mr Murphy said.

The world record shearing challenge will occur at Stawell Central Park from Thursday, August 19 to Saturday, August 21.

For further information: Don Murphy, Landmark Stawell 03 5358 2100

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