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LIVESTOCK | 30 August 2010

AuctionsPlus - Spry's Commercial Shorthorns Genetic Sale on Thursday September 9th, 10am


An outstanding offering of 600 commercial Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross cattle, all carrying Spry’s genetics.

A/C Spry’s Shorthorns, Wagga Wagga, NSW

  • 10 Shorthorn Cows & Calves,
aged 2 years. All animals have Spry’s bloodlines. The 1st calf at foot is by a Shorthorn bull. The cows have not been rejoined. Top quality line of animals. All animals were vaccinated with 7in1 and Pestiguard.

  • 20 Shorthorn Heifers, all autumn 2009 drop. PTIC to Spry’s bloodlines. These heifers are of outstanding quality. They were depastured with Spry’s D099 (LBW +2.1) 11/6/10 to 26/7/10, and are expected to calve from 20/3/11 for 6 weeks. All heifers were vaccinated 7in1 and Pestiguard.


    A/C Kurrumbede Pty Ltd, Gunnedah, NSW

    • 27 Shorthorn Cows, 3-8 Yrs. PTIC
    • 10 Shorthorn Cows & Calves. Cows PTIC 3-8 Yrs
    • 22 Shorthorn Heifers & Angus X Calves. 1st Calvers. NSM
    • 17 Shorthorn Heifers & Angus X Calves. 1 Calvers. NSM
    • 50 Shorthorn Heifer Weaners. 13-15 months. NSM
    • 45 Shorthorn Steers Weaners, 13-15 months.


    A/C Kooroon Pastoral Co., Nundle

    • 130 Shorthorn Heifers, 11-12 months. NSM
    • 20 Shorthorn Angus X Heifers, 11-12 months, NSM


    A/C RA & JM Longmire Pty Ltd, “Glenelg”, Narranderra, NSW

    • 31 x 31 Shorthorn Cows & Calves. Cows are aged 3 – 6 years, with calves 6 - 8 Weeks, all by Spry’s bulls.
    • 13 x 13 Shorthorn Heifers, aged 2 years, all by Spry’s bulls. The 1st Calf at foot is by Wagyu Bulls. The calves are aged from 6 - 8 weeks. All animals have been vaccinated 7in1. This is a top quality line of animals.
    • A/C Glenalbyn Properties, “Dromore Station”, Wilcannia, NSW
      14 x 14 Shorthorn Heifers, aged 2 years. The 1st calf at foot is by Spry’s Lachlan C343. The calves are aged 5 months. The heifers are PTIC to the above bull due to calve March/April 2011.
    • 30 Shorthorn Cows aged 2 - 3 years. They are PTIC for 1st & 2nd calves, due to calve April/May 2011. Sires are Spry’s Instant Powerhouse, Instant Impact & Lachlan C343. These are outstanding Females.

    • A/C Outback Shorthorns, “Ashleigh Park”, Culcairn, NSW
      55 Shorthorn Heifers, June/July 09 drop, NSM, by top quality Spry’s bulls. All animals were vaccinated with 7in1 & Eprinex in June.

    • A/C Barvon Shorthorns “Inglebar”, Mulwala, NSW
      20 Shorthorn Heifers, rising 12 months. All heifers are PT empty. Treated with 7in1 & Pestiguard. Performance recorded females by Spry’s Futurity, Classic PB80X9, TLC Icon & Woolcott Bounty Hunter.

    • A/C RB & CJ Ham, “Tatila Shorthorns” “Tataila” Moama, NSW
      30 Shorthorn Heifers, Sept/Oct 09 Drop, by Spry’s bulls. All animals drenched and vaccinated. This is a top quality line of animals.

    • A/C MJ & NG Stoll “Yallambee” Mangoplah, NSW
      30 Shorthorn Heifers, Aug/Sept 09 Drop, NSM. Drenched and vaccinated with 7in1. Sired by top quality bulls.

    • A/C M & M Thompson, Manilla
      24 Shorthorn Heifers, 10-12 months. NSM.

    • A/C Jeal & Coulter “Taunton Too” Kapooka, NSW
      12 Shorthorn Heifers by Spry’s Bulls aged 15-18 months, NSM. Heifers have been vaccinated with 5in1 & Dectomax.
    • AA/C DB & LD Kirkpatrick “Maxwell Park”, Wagga Wagga, NSW
      20 Shorthorn/Angus Steers aged 11-12 months. Treated Eprinex and 5in1 in August. Top quality animals in top condition.

    • A/C PE & GI Jarick “Glenlea”, Jindera, NSW
      15 Shorthorn Steers aged 12-15 months, by Spry’s Bulls.



    EXAMPLE OF LOTS ON OFFER - Sprys Shorthorn sale (PDF 845 Kb)


    Spry's sale advert (PDF 825 Kb)


    More photos and details on AuctionsPlus website http://www.auctionsplus.com.au

    Landmark Gunnedah and Albury
    Scott Cooper – 0427 674 411

    Dan O’Brien – 0457 536 727



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