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REAL ESTATE | 6 August 2009

Adrian Peel is first national water broker

With an increasing emphasis on water conservation and its value as a commodity, Landmark has appointed Adrian Peel as its first national water broker. Adrian is based at Echuca, Victoria, and brings extensive water broking experience to the role and an established network with private and government major water buyers.


The principle of water broking is like buying and selling real estate. If someone wants to sell their water allocation or entitlement, they contact Landmark – the broker. Landmark then finds a willing buyer to purchase the water at the right price. This also works in reverse if someone is seeking to buy water.

“Trading water gives farmers extra options in running a profitable business,” Adrian said.


“Farmers selling their entitlement or allocation is a great way to access additional capital for use in other areas.”


The combination of drought and the proliferation of horticulture have contributed to the increase in demand for water and consequently its monetary value. In 2007, the government unbundled water from the land making it a separate asset and a more tradable commodity.


Victorian real estate sales manager, Mark Brooke said Adrian’s appointment will extend the current range of water services provided by Landmark.


“Adrian will be focused on developing this range and managing all broking services across the network on a full time basis.”


“For clients, the great benefit of using Landmark to source and sell water is that we can instantly utilise our extensive client database and contacts to find willing buyers and sellers right across the country,” Mark said.


If you have a client who’s interested in trading water or would like to learn more about what’s involved, Adrian can be contacted on 0427 776 942 or through the Echuca branch on 03 5482 1588.

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